When I met Shannon, I was in so much pain in my lower back, I would crawl from my bed to the bathroom.  She found muscle imbalances that  previous massage therapists & chiropractors missed.  Today I am pain free. 

B. Gibson, Boise, ID


I play semi-pro football .  When my back was in so much pain I couldn't  train, Shannon released the restrictions  that were actually in my hip causing the pain.  Her work is amazing.   

O. Barnes, Boise, ID


I had back pain for years that chiropractors could not help.  Shannon showed me that my sacrum was out of position and corrected it.  The session was gentle and now I am pain free for the first time in years.     

D. Smith, Middleton, ID


I had severally injured my tailbone when I fell snowboarding.  I had tried to fix it with Chiropractor, massage, & yoga. Nothing was helping.  I couldn't even lean against a counter, my lower back, tailbone and glut's were so sore and out of place.  In 2 sessions with Shannon I didn't even know I had an injury there!  I could sit back on my tailbone again, ride my horse without trying to find a comfortable position. It's amazing what she can do for the pain.  Thanks Shannon!

J. Leach, Middleton, ID


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